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Eat with Confidence

Feb 20, 2018

In this episode I discuss a quote from one of my favorite books, Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. I talk about how food and body obsession are a distraction from happiness and living our best life, and encourage you to let go of weight and perfect nutrition to find more happiness. No need to feel shame and guilt every time you look in the mirror - there's more to life than being disappointed in your reflection. Let's get out there and live an abundant life free of guilt and food restriction!

“I empathize with those engaged in their own personal battle with food and weight. This preoccupation sucks the fun out of life. It saddens me that shame and anxiety regarding the scale and mirror overshadow most people’s enjoyment of food, their comfort in their bodies, and their full development as individuals. Many of us have a disturbing preoccupation with food and an intense fear of being fat. Instead of eating for enjoyment and fuel, we regard food as our enemy, as a test of our resolve and willpower - and even of our moral superiority. Instead of moving for the sheer joy of feeling our bodies and our power, we view exercise as a workout, our penance for eating or weighing too much. Instead of putting our energy into thinking about how we can improve the world, we obsess about how we can change our bodies.” - Linda Bacon