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Eat with Confidence

Apr 1, 2020

This week we’re talking with another one of our long-time members of Eat Confident Collective, Madison. She’s sharing her story with food + her body, her process of becoming a Confident Eater, and what shifts she’s made in her life to become a Confident Eater. We love Madison, and we know you’ll love what she has to say!

Here's what you'll hear about in this episode:

  • Why it’s actually a good thing to not “be able to stick to” food rules + how a strong sense of autonomy protects you against diet culture
  • The impact food restriction really has on your relationship with food + how permission to eat is healing
  • Why focusing on your weight actually leads to chaotic food behaviors + how letting go of weight fixation makes you a better problem-solver
  • The power of creating positive thoughts to have a positive body image
  • How to stay committed to Intuitive Eating when you feel pulled back toward dieting

We hope you enjoy hearing Madison’s story and that you take away some strategies you can try for yourself!

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